Paraimpu is a social tool with the aim to allow people to connect, compose and share Things, Services and Devices to create personalized applications on Internet (of Things)
  • Connect Connect your things

    Connect to the Web your physical and virtual Things, Services, Devices, APIs to create personalized applications. Let your smart rabbits, sensors, motors, boards like Arduino or Galileo, appliances, lighting and domotics systems and whatever you want talk with the Web. Read more →
  • Compose Inter-connect your things

    Compose, inter-connect, mash-up your Things and let them to automatically communicate through the Web. Connect your physical Things with social networks, drive your appliances or let them to react to events, environmental sensing or social activities. Read more →
  • Share Share your things

    This is a social tool. Not only it integrates existing social networks but it allows you to share your Things on the Web with friends. They can use your data and your published objects in their connections. You are making real "de facto" social physical-virtual Web mash-ups. Read more →
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co-funded by the European Union and supported by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia
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